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PsychoTherapeia is Oded Reitten’s existential psychotherapy practice in Hackney, East London (click here for directions).

Psychotherapy originated from the earlier term, psychotherapeia, combining the meanings of psyche (soul/mind) and therapeia (attending to, caring for). It was initially used to characterise the “prevention and remedy of disease by psychical influence” (Dendy, 1853).

“I ought to be no more than a mirror, in which my reader can see his own thinking with all its deformities so that, helped in this way, he can put it right”
Ludwig Wittgenstein 1980

Meaningful conversations with people curates the way we understand the world. Psychotherapy is a focused conversation about your experience of life and other people, what you perceive as meaningful and what you find unbearable. It is an opportunity to turn personal and deep reflections about yourself into a dialogue.

I encourage my clients to look at their personal take on reality, in the context of their unique emotional background. Psychotherapy offers a shared inquiry about how we exist, the way we affect and are affected by others – a process of widening the spectrum of how we make sense of the happenings in our lives and of possibilities we are inclined to forget.

After initially studying Psychology and Sociology, I was inspired to search for a wider understanding of life and the human mind. My early counselling & Psychotherapy training was ‘integrative’, where I engaged with many of the core traditions of psychotherapy. Following on from this, I trained as an existential psychotherapist and a group facilitator.

Since 2006 I have worked in different mental health settings both with individuals and with groups, and have facilitated meditation sessions. My places of work have included the Israeli mental health association, the minor tranquillisers dependency project within Mind in Camden, King Alfred school, the Terrance Higgins Trust, Mosaic LGBT youth centre, Jewish Care, London Metropolitan University, the Centre for Better Health in Hackney and the Jewish bereavement psychotherapy service.

I also currently work with people who experience psychosis through the 'Psychosis Therapy Project' of Mind in Islington.

I am a registered member of the UK council for Psychotherapy and the Society for Existential Analysis.

Oded Reitten

Academic experience
Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy, Regent’s College, London.
MA Counselling & Psychotherapy, Regent’s College, London.
BA Psychology & Sociology, The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I charge £70 for a 60 min session. According to availability, I offer a concession of £60 for students/trainees or £50 for people on benefits or with a significantly low income. All concessions must be agreed in person during the initial session.

If you are interested in finding out more about my practice, or would like to make an appointment, you are welcome to contact me via email, telephone or text message. Once you get in touch, I will invite you for an initial session to explore your need for psychotherapy. This session will allow us to see whether we can work together and to decide the length and conditions of our work.

Oded - 07763785840