The Existential Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice of Oded Reitten

We possess ideas. But we are possessed by feelings. They lie too deep for understanding, astir with their own spirit and carrying us along with them.
Adapted from Thomas Flanagan in his novel The Year of the French
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My name is Oded and I am an existential psychotherapist and clinical supervisor/mentor. I offer confidential conversations about being. I live and work between Hackney, East-London, and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

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Each session presents the challenge of turning a subtle sense or an inner monologue into a dialogue. These sessions can become a joint effort to unsettle the rigid, knotted bundle of stories and beliefs we live in, so we can make and follow new threads.

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'Behind the world we live in, in the distant background, lies another world standing in roughly the same relation to the former as the stage one sometimes sees in the theatre behind the real stage stands to the latter...'

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Both therapy and supervision sessions take place at my home practice in Clapton E5, East-London and remotely via video calls.

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